TYPE: WCu50, WCu40, WCu30, WCu20, WCu15

WCu alloy is the composite of Tungsten and Copper , which own the excellent performances of Tungsten and Copper , such as heat-resistant , ablate-resistant , high-intensity , excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. WCu alloy is easy to be machined. WCu alloy is used widely in such industries as engine , electrical power , electron , metallurgy , spaceflight and aviation. Using CIP formation , sintered tungsten skeleton and infiltrating copper (silver) technology , large size and special shape products of WCu composites with 6-90 percent of copper are produced , such as electric contacts , electrode , refractory parts , heat sinks andpart of rocket. WCu Alloy Main applications : For the spark erosion of dies of cemented carbide and for making high speed steel and switches and contacts in high and low voltage electrical devices.


•   High arc resistance combined with good electrical conductivity
•   High thermal conductivity
•   Low thermal expansion

•   Contacts in high voltage breakers and vacuum interruptors
•   Electrode in spark erosion cutting equipment
•   Heat sinks in electronic devices
•   Electrode for resistance welding

Resistance Welding
     The high physical and mechanical properties , as well as the thermal and electrical conductivity , of refractory metal composites make WCu alloy very suitable for die inserts and electrode facings, flash and butt welding dies , and hot upsetting. They can also solve heat balance problems.
     WCu alloy are used worldwide for EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and ECM  (Electrochemical Machining) electrode.All material is manufactured by the press , sinter , and infiltrate process. Virgin powders are used , resulting in a consistent homogeneous material giving high and even burning rates. Copper tungsten is used in plunger/sinker applications where intricate definition is required , especially in tungsten carbide.
Chemical Composition and Properties Chart


IACS % Hardness HB
Bend Strength

W50 Cu50

11.85 54 115 -

W55 Cu45

12.30 49 125 -

W60 Cu40

12.75 47 140 -

W65 Cu35

13.30 44 155 -

W70 Cu30

13.80 42 175 667

W75 Cu25

14.50 38 195 706

W80 Cu20

15.15 34 220 736

W85 Cu15

15.90 30 240 765