• TIP DRESSER With cutter blade 


Tool Handling Instruction Type ETD-18A. ETD-18F.

The Insertion part (width) of clamp plate = The gap must be 4mm or more.
If it is 4mm or less wide, the clamp plate may not move smoothly or the cap tip may be pried off by the clamp chip. (Cooling wate will spout out.) 

Since the above gap may be gradually narrowed owing to the shock during spot-welding, assure the gap to be larger in the initial stage, or timely take care for the gap.
Installation Procedure for Cutter Case
When installing or detaching cutter case, you must first detach the air hose. 
    1. Insert cutter into cutter case window.
    2. Align the cutter case flange notch to the turning gear notch and insert. 

Note A : The cutter ase is held by the resilience of the retainer (rubber "O" ring) shown in the diagram. Thus, a slight resistance will be felt when the cutter cases is inserted. If the retainer is worn and it becomes easy for the cutter case to come out, the retainer must be replaced.

Note B : Removeal : Extrude the cutter case from the opposite side with a finger or using a tool 

Pneumatic Pressure
The pneumatic pressure must be set to 6kg/cm2, (5-6kg/cm2 is the appropriate range.)